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rm3dpic.frm 3D picture properties Show nets Draw Cancel Default Height (Pixels) Width (Pixels) New 3D picture properties Properties of Networks elevation

rmAbout.frm About OK Version Roger Coude

rmAnimate.frm Animation Pause Play Pause

rmAntenna.frm Antenna pattern 3D Antenna Azimuth Gain Elevation angle Vertical Draw labels Draw grid Grid color Copy to clipboard Back color Plot color Scale (dB) 3D 2D 3D Azt Elev. Angle Gain

rmAPRS.frm APRS options Cancel Read Record all Enable APRS APRS Server or AGW Host Port Filter units according to map in memory Clear APRS stations heard (Check first unit in sequence to use) Radio Mobile list of Units Apply entries Text file (TXT)

rmBestSites.frm Find best potential sites for centre unit Link Direction Worst case Centre Rx Centre Tx With waypoints Within a network Mobile route or waypoints file Browse... Draw route Use elevation provided with route file File path (PLT line or DAT label or TXT unit) Color Save coverage pictures in "frames" directory Color Cancel Draw Mode All picture Selection Maximum coverage (%) Minimum coverage (%) Draw size (pixels) Network Mobile unit Centre unit No net File with waypoints (PLT DAT TXT) Load route route

rmCircle.frm Draw range rings Radials Rings Transparent Color Show labels Centre Unit position Cursor position Cancel Draw Range step Other Maximum range Unit of measurement Foot Metre Nautical mile Mile Kilometer

rmCity.frm Cities OK Cancel entries

rmColors.frm Rainbow colors Scale Absolute Relative Position Save Show legend Stratified colors Load Cancel OK Color Elevation (m) Color file (DAT) Color file (DAT) Elevation (m) Signal

rmCombine.frm Combined cartesian Radio coverage Maximum range (km) Use network antenna settings Save also units not selected Load data Save coverage pictures in "frames" directory Save raster data to file Save settings Load settings Cancel Draw Mode Selection All picture Fixed unit(s) Antenna pattern Small Preview Draw background Backcolor Draw pattern View pattern Elevation angle Azimuth Antenna pattern Antenna height (m) Signal range to draw Network style Best unit Solid Rainbow Color Minimum S/I (dB) Draw size (pixels) To ( < ) From ( >= ) Link Direction Mobile Rx Mobile Tx In network Mobile unit Coverage file (COV) Open a coverage file units are missing Mobile not found Net not found Coverage file (COV) Save a coverage file CoverageData.txt Text file (TXT) Load coverage data

rmContour.frm Custom elevation countour Default Multiply Add Color Draw Contour interval (m)

rmConversion.frm Conversion tool Units Cancel OK Distance Miles Kilometers Height Feet Metres Angle Mils Degrees Loss dB/foot dB/metre

rmCoor.frm Coordinates options Land cover Elevation Cancel Apply

rmCoverage.frm Single polar Radio coverage Save coverage data Link Direction Worst case Centre Rx - Mobile Tx Centre Tx - Mobile Rx Cancel Radial range (km) Minimum Maximum Antenna pattern Draw background Small Use network antenna settings View pattern Draw Elevation angle Azimuth Threshold Auto set To From Draw Plot Network style Blur Solid Rainbow Color Color Fill area Contour line Azimuth range Step Maximum Minimum Centre unit Mobile unit Network No common net

rmCSV.frm Save networks (CSV) OK Cancel

rmCustom.frm User defined picture Cancel OK Centre and size Four corners Centre and size method (North oriented rectangular lat-lon projection only) Modify Cursor Vertical size (km) Centre position Longitude Latitude Four corners method Modify Modify Modify Modify Cursor Cursor Cursor Cursor Upper left corner Longitude Latitude Upper right corner Longitude Latitude Lower left corner Longitude Latitude Lower right corner Longitude Latitude Custom picture Data source Calibration file (dat) Save calibration file R Non r ectangular - Width= Pixels Height= Pixels

rmData.frm Data options Icon Save Load Default Include land cover height Browse... Land Cover File Height (m) Density (%) Land cover Elevation data Profile extraction Performance test Maximum number of records to use with propagation model Database extraction rules (SRTM-DTED-GTOPO30 only) Browse... Browse... Browse... Dont compute links if no data found Browse... Browse... Elevation to use if none is found (m) Bottom layer Top layer Drive or path High quality Low quality Elevation data extraction method for Radio Link and Network performance Use elevation data in memory generated by Map Properties Extract elevation data directly from database Cancel OK Computer performance Nbr of points Relative computing time Land Cover File (IMG) Open a Land Cover File Enter the path toward directory Land Height File (DAT) Open a Land Height File Land Height File (DAT) Save a Land Height File None

rmDebug.frm Multicast channel monitor

rmDMS.frm Coordinates OK Cancel Latitude Longitude Longitude Latitude

rmDrawGrid.frm Draw grid Transparent Show labels Spacing 15 minutes 1 degree 10 degrees Style UTM QRA Lat-Lon Draw Cancel Color Spacing Other (m)

rmExport.frm Export path profile OK Resolution Custom Original Nb of records Destination Notepad

rmFlood.frm Flood image Operation Multiply Add Copy Flat at cursor Draw Color Height above (m)

rmFox.frm Fox hunt Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Cancel Draw Enabled Width Max. distance (km) Bearing From: None

rmFresnel.frm Fresnel Zone Coverage First Fresnel zone clearance Solid Color Maximum Minimum Azimuth range Minimum Maximum Draw Radial range (km) Maximum Minimum Cancel Network Mobile unit Centre unit No common net


rmGPS.frm GPS options Cancel Multicast channel Read Record all Rx interval (s) Tx interval (s) TTL Port IP address Play back Browse... Read interval (s) GPS log file Options Leave trace over map Record my position to log file Redraw networks at every Rx interval Receive and send positions via multicast Send my unit position at every Tx interval Use local GPS to position my unit Play back OK Local GPS ( NMEA 0183 ) TCP client Serial port Use CheckSum IP address Port 4800 bps 9600 bps Serial port My unit Text file (TXT) Text file (TXT) None

rmGrid.frm Elevation grid (m)

rmHaat.frm Height Above Average Terrain Antenna height above ground (m) Centre Euro default USA default Start at distance (km) Number of points per radial Distance step (km) Azimuth step Cancel Compute

rmHorizon.frm Visual Horizon Target (m) Elevation angle scale Automatic Maximum Minimum Unit to observe from Height (m) Elevation (m) Export Copy Draw Elevation Angle (Degree) versus True North Azimuth (Degree) Map boundaries below theoretical horizon (Red) \horizon Text file (TXT) Export horizon to file Observe from Latitude Longitude Elevation(m) Sensor height(m) Target height(m) Azimuth Elevation angle Distance (km) Latitude Longitude Elevation(m) Cursor Azimuth = Elevation angle at horizon = Distance =

rmIcon.frm Icon of

rmInterference.frm Interference Radio coverage Swap Draw Cancel Mode All picture Selection Mobile Solid Small Draw background Use network antenna settings In network Mobile Rx Unit Interferer View pattern Draw pattern Elevation angle Take off time (sec) Antenna pattern Azimuth Tx Unit Coverage based on required Signal to Interference ratio (S/I) or acceptable time delay Time delay Color Color Color No color Minimum signal is not met Maximum delay (sec) S/I is not met, but with acceptable delay Minimum S/I (dB) Draw size (pixels) Required S/I is not met Required S/I is met Minimum Signal ( >= ) Wanted View pattern Draw pattern Take off time (sec) Tx Unit Antenna pattern Wanted Interferer Tx #1 Tx #2 No common net common net(s)

rmKeep.frm Do not keep Keep volatile Keep in a new picture Keep in actual picture OK

rmLink.frm Radio Link Frequency (MHz) Minimum Maximum Receiver Undo Required E Field Line loss Antenna gain Rx sensitivity Antenna height (m) Rx system name Role Transmitter Antenna gain Radiated power Tx power Line loss Tx system name Antenna height (m) Role Net &Edit &Copy &Export to... &View &Profile &Details &Range &Distribution &Large window &Observe &Large window &Stereo view Create normal flight Create stereo flight &View flight &Options Antenna pattern Draw pattern Small Draw background Coordinates S&wap &Stop No common net No valid data to export Kml file (KML) Text file (TXT) Save profile \rmpatheng.exe EIRP= ERP= Receiver threshold Path Radio link from to as seen from Distance= Clearance Obstruction Elevation= Worst Fresnel= Azimuth= at Worst Fresnel= Elev. angle= PathLoss= Rx level= Rx Relative= E field=

rmMain.frm GPS Tx Rx Ready Land cover Show units Data options Internet options APRS options Metric conversion Multicast monitor Network report Antenna pattern viewer Object editor Network manager HAAT Fox hunt Draw objects Fresnel radio coverage Full screen Flight Hide networks Find lowest elevation World map Fit map to units Corners coordinates Distance scale Shadow Force gray scale Elevation contour Stratification Flood Rotate/Stretch Draw rings Draw grid Paste as new picture Save networks Route radio coverage Find best sites Stop Stop Stop Stop Previous map Next map Fit map to picture/selection Merge pictures... Visual horizon Elevation grid Find peak elevation Visual coverage Stop Show networks Radio link Units properties GPS options Paste Copy Print Save picture as... Picture properties Open picture New picture Map properties Save map as... Open map Networks properties Save networks as Open networks New networks Polar radio coverage Cartesian radio coverage Interference radio coverage &File &New networks &Open networks &Save networks Save networks as... &Networks properties &Unit properties Open map Save map as... Map properties Previous map Next map New picture Open picture Save picture as... Picture properties &Print &Exit &Edit &Copy &Paste Paste as &new picture &Merge pictures... Draw &grid... Draw rings... Draw &objects &Filled areas &Lines &Text labels &Cities labels &All &Import from text file Fit to a window Rotate/Stretch Flood Stratification Elevation contour Force gray scale Shadow Redraw last legend Distance scale Corners coordinates Fit map to picture/selection Fit map to units Orthorectify Projection &View Elevation &grid &World map Swap World map &Find peak elevation &Find lowest elevation &Show networks All Units Lines &Hide networks &Networks autoRedraw Flight Toolbar Status Bar Mouse coordinates Full Screen &Tools Radio &link &Radio coverage &Single polar &Combined cartesian &Interference &Fresnel &Find best sites &Route &Visual coverage Visual &Horizon Fox hunt HAAT Network manager Object editor Antenna pattern viewer Network report Multicast monitor Metric conversion &Options &GPS &APRS &Internet &Elevation data &S-Unit &Toolbar &Coordinates &Window &Cascade Tile &horizontal Tile &vertical &Arrange icons &Help &Contents &Search Check for web &update &About &Stop Pasted picture Are you sure you want to terminate the program Saving settings... corners coordinates route bearings Object file in text (TXT) Import object file legend objects Erase all data in memory for network ? Map File (MAP) Open a map Width= Height= Elevation data was successfully loaded Failure in loading Network File (NET) Open networks Map File (MAP) Save map Picture file (BMP JPEG GIF PNG TIFF) Open a picture Network File (NET) Save networks Picture File ( Picture ( Save picture Do you want to set type as default type for new picture? Selection \rmpatheng.exe

rmManager.frm Network manager Increase size and preserve data Apply Systems Units Networks Sort by System Unit Network This will destroy all pictures - Continue? Associations of [

rmMapPro.frm Force gray scale Merge pictures Adjust units elevation Size (km) Width(km) Height (km) Elevation data source Browse... Browse... Browse... Browse... Browse... Ignore missing files Initialize matrix with elevation (m) Bottom layer Top layer Drive or path Size (pixel) WARNING > 2000 ! Height (pixels) Width(pixels) Cancel Extract Centre World map Enter LAT LON or Use cursor position Select a city name Longitude Latitude Top Left Top Right Bottom Left Bottom Right Resolution Enter the path toward directory New.map Properties of ..\ None Select a unit


rmMerge.frm File White is transparent File Drive or path Roads Aerial photos Public domain Personnal use ARC Digitized Raster Graphics Compressed (CADRG) Browse... ADRG drive/path Military standard Land Cover Legend position Draw legend Browse... Public domain Source picture Hybrid Personnal use Orthoimage Public domain Resolution Aerial color photo Aerial photo B and W Topo Map Public domain Cancel Draw Source File Internet OpenStreetMap Internet GoogleMap Land Cover Internet Toporama - Canada Internet Terraserver - USA Internet VirtualEarth Another picture Operation Reset Multiply Add Copy Bitwise Enter path toward ADRG directory Enter the path toward directory Merge pictures over Contrast= Brightness= Zoom = Zoom = Zoom =

rmNet.frm Networks properties Copy Net Paste Net Parameters Topology Membership Systems Style Propagation mode Use "Two Rays" for Line-Of-Sight Interference Normal Draw lines with dark background Else draw a red line Else draw a yellow line if RX relative signal (dB) is >= Draw a green line if RX relative signal (dB) is >= OK Additional loss Forest City 0 to 100% Polarization Vertical Horizontal Mode of variability Spot Broadcast Mobile Accidental % of situations 0.001 to 99.999% % of locations 0.001 to 99.999% % of time 0.001 to 99.999% Climate Maritime temperate over sea Maritime temperate over land Desert Maritime sub-tropical Continental sub-tropical Equatorial Continental temperate Minimum frequency (MHz) 20 to 20 000 MHz Surface refractivity (N-Units) 250 to 400 N-Units Ground conductivity (S/m) 0.005 for average ground Relative ground permittivity 15 for average ground Maximum frequency (MHz) 20 to 20 000 MHz Net name Up to 30 characters View Remove from radiosys.dat Add to radiosys.dat Up to 30 characters Antenna type -52 to 97 dBd -187 to 41 dBm -90 to 90 dBm ( Above ground ) ( Cable+cavities+connectors ) ( If antenna height differs ) Additional cable loss (dB/m) 0 to 1000 dB/m Antenna height (m) 0.5 to 2999m Antenna gain (dBi) -50 to 100 dBi Line loss (dB) 0 to 500 dB Receiver threshold 0.01 to 2000 microVolts Transmit power (Watt) 1.0E-12 to 1.0E+6 Watts System name Antenna direction View pattern Azimuth Elevation angle Antenna height (m) System Other 0.5 to 2999m Role System List of all units Slave unit must have a directional antenna pointing toward a master If a unit is set to master, set all others as slave Visible Data net, cluster (Node/Terminal) Data net, star topology (Master/Slave) Voice net (Command/Subordinate/Rebroadcast) Maximum number of rebroadcasts allowed 0 to 20 Default parameters Cancel List of all systems List of all nets Select from Radiosys.dat Role of Member of Not a member System already exists! Remove it first! Fixed (Disabled) Note that if the net topology is type cluster and number of hops>0, then the color yellow is not used and the threshold is set to 0 both for green and red

rmNewNet.frm New Net initialization Use map Default OK Estimated memory needed Number of systems Number of units Number of networks

rmObject.frm Object Editor Show waypoints Start next sequence Transparent Find next sequence Delete Backcolor Color Width Longitude Latitude &File &New &Lines &Labels &Load &Save &Exit &Draw Sequence Elevation Text Position entries Lines Labels Stop add Start add Close object editor Object file (PLT DAT) Load object file Line file (PLT) Labels file (DAT) Save object file

rmObs.frm Options Cancel OK Flight Speed (m/s) Frames per second Stereoscopic view Distance between eyes (m)

rmPic.frm selected not selected position is locked Move to cursor? Not received yet Create a "zoom" picture from selection? Zoom of Selection W= H= D= Az=

rmPicPro.frm Browse... Stereo Cancel 3D picture Draw Draw mode 100 m contour intervals 10 m contour intervals 500 m contour intervals Other (m) Light azimuth Brightness (%) Contrast (%) Top elevation (m) Bottom elevation (m) White Draw objects Colors... Transparent Rainbow Gray scaled slope Colored slope (absolute) X-ray X-ray (inverted) Colored slope (relative) Show cities Object drive/path New picture properties Does not fit Fits Elevation data source: Map statistics: Minimum - Maximum - Average elevation data in memory Width= Pixels Height= Pixels Path: Enter path toward Object directory

rmPng.frm Save picture - Options Optimization of color pallette OK White is transparent Opacity

rmPreference.frm Internet options Proxy settings Direct FTP Passive FTP Use proxy Port Proxy name Cancel Web update Check at www.ve2dbe.com Check at www.cplus.org/rmw Check every time when the program starts OK Download from Internet if a file is not found on local path Download from Internet if a file is not found on local path and keep a local copy Use local files only Browse... Internet ftp directory Local files path Enter the path toward directory Other Proxy Web update Land cover

rmPrint.frm Printer selection Cancel Print Printing... Done Loading picture... No printer found

rmReport.frm Performance report File Print With rebroadcast Direct paths only (dB) Net

rmRotate.frm Rotate/Stretch (into a new picture) Cancel Draw Stretch factor Rotation (clockwise)

rmRoute.frm Route radio coverage Options Route Show elevation Show waypoints Black outline Use elevation in file Browse... Maximum step (m) Route file Draw Antenna pattern Use network antenna settings View pattern Draw pattern Elevation angle Azimuth Filename Cancel Link Direction Worst case Centre Rx - Mobile Tx Centre Tx - Mobile Rx Network Mobile unit Centre unit &Edit &Copy &Save data &Options S&wap &Radio Link &Stop Route file (PLT) GPS log (TXT) Load a route file No common network Route data (txt) Save route data Route file Centre unit Mobile unit Network Number of records Latitude Longitude Elevation(m) Odometer(km) Distance(km) Azimuth Relative Signal(dB) Tx Rx Route: index= Route: odometer= Route: elevation= Radio path= LOS azimuth= antenna gain= Rx level= Rx Relative=

rmSaveNet.frm Save Networks Cancel No Yes Save the following files related to Network File (NET) Save networks Map File (MAP) Save map

rmScale.frm Distance scale Position Unit of measurement Kilometer Mile Nautical mile Metre Foot legend

rmShadow.frm Shadow Cancel Draw Light reduction factor (%) Light elevation angle

rmSplash.frm Version

rmStrat.frm Stratification of image Solid Draw Color Maximum elevation (m) Minimum elevation (m)

rmSunit.frm S-Unit options Fx >= 30MHz Step (dB) S9 level Fx < 30MHz Step (dB) Cancel OK Custom IARU Region 1 standard Radio Mobile default values Absolute Relative to receiver sensitivity

rmUnit.frm Units properties Export Apply style Small font Undo unit Import Sort Move down Move up Elevation (m) -999 to 9999m Name Position Locked Place unit at cursor position Place cursor at unit position Copy Paste Clear OK Show only units that are members of a visible network Style No label Right Centre Left Enabled BackColor ForeColor Transparent Icon Example Icon pixels No icon Units Kml file (KML) Text file (TXT) Labels file (DAT) Export units Invalid unit file Sort units in alphabetical order? Apply style to all units? Enter LAT LON or

rmUnitEx.frm Import units &File &Load &Exit &Cancel &OK List of units of Units Start overwrite at units selected for import Too many units selected ! Kml file (KML) Text file (TXT) Labels file (DAT) Import units entries)

rmUnitTag.frm Detailed description of Cancel OK

rmVisual.frm Visual coverage Elevation angle range Plot Solid Color Contour line Fill area Color Observer Cancel Draw Target Fixed altitude Nap-of-the-earth Azimuth range Minimum Maximum Step Radial range Max. (km) Min. (km) Cursor Target height above ground (m) Target elevation above sea level (m) Sensor height above ground (m)

rmWorld.frm World Map

rmModule1.bas RMWDLX32.DLL is missing S N E W World Map rmweng.hlp has been saved Picture Custom picture has been saved picture is not recognized Save .dat file anyway? Overwrite has been saved UNZIP32 DLL is Missing SRTM file not found. Drawing 2D map picture... Extracting GTOPO30 data... Opening map file... Performing map statistics... Extracting Clutter data... Extracting DTED data... Drawing 3D map picture... Drawing observation picture... Merging pictures... Computing coverage data... Drawing 2D stereo picture... Merging Quo Vadis map... Extracting SRTM data... Forcing gray scale... Extracting GLOBE data... Extracting BIL data... Modifying 2D picture... Getting file from internet... Extracting elevation data and computing network links... Stopped by user. Completed. Ready GTOPO30 file not found. DTED file not found. Map= Direct= merged picture rings grid colors color Elevation (m) Signal Coverage (%) Keep in picture ? GLOBE file not found. (m) contour (Orthorectified) shadow gray scale Map# ..\ properties

rmModule10.bas Please Enter The Password! Overwrite

rmModule11.bas Free Image DLL missing Optimization of color pallette


rmModule13.bas Radio Mobile Radio Mobile for Windows Radio Mobile radio path viewer Radio Propagation and Virtual Mapping Freeware Copyright of Roger Coude VE2DBE Deg muV

rmModule2.bas 3D picture Pic3D No valid 2D source picture Horizontal angle Vertical angle Relative distance Relief exageration Perspective effect View Observation view from to Overwrite BMP files ? No valid 2D picture source found Draw one? Pause Play Stereoscopic view (Red and Blue)

rmModule3.bas No ADRG file found in No ADRG detected

rmModule4.bas Unit System Net DLL error Cannot compute. Interference propagation mode has been saved Unable to save Distance between and is True North Azimuth = , Magnetic North Azimuth = Terrain elevation variation is Propagation mode is , Elevation angle = scatter diffraction , double horizon , single obstruction line-of-sight, minimum clearance F1 at Average frequency is Free Space = Obstruction = Urban = Forest = Statistics = Total propagation loss is (interference mode (optimistic)) System gain from to is at gain = System gain from to is at gain = Worst reception is below the corresponds to the is over the required signal to meet % of time, % of locations, % of situations Warning Unable to show details Beam Land cover Version Left site data Name Antenna height (m) Right site data Name Antenna height (m) Link data Frequency (GHz) Earth curvature factor Path Profile Records: Distance(km) Elevation(m) Color(0-15) Height(m) PathLoss(dB) [ Latitude(deg) Longitude(deg) Xmap Ymap RadioBeamElevation(m) Clearance(m) FirstFresnel(m) Ratio ] coverage Area covered is square km Polar coverage centered at on Save coverage data interference coverage coverage Text file (TXT) Kml file (KML) Save Report generated at on General information Net file
Map file
Map centre
Map size
Active units information Name Location Elevation Name Location Elevation Systems Name Pwr Tx Loss Loss (+) Rx thr. Ant. G. Ant. Type Name Pwr Tx Loss Loss (+) Rx thr. Ant. G. Ant. Type Active nets information Topology to (interference mode ) polarization Mode of variability is , at % of time, % of locations, % of situations % of forest % of city Refractivity= N-units, conductivity= S/m, permittivity= climate Net members: Role: System: Antenna: Quality = 50 - number of resend Quality = 50 + signal margin in dB Redraw picture in gray mode Never ask again ? Voice Command Subordinate Rebroadcast Star Master Slave Cluster Node Terminal Received signal 10 dB/div Weak Strong Receiver threshold Required statistical threshold Average signal (Margin = Failure Success Height Above Average Terrain Report generated at Antenna geographic coordinates Ground elevation: Antenna height above ground: Azt D(km) Ground elevation(m) Average HAAT Antenna elevation above sea level : Average ground elevation above sea level: HAAT: Unable to create Haat report Overwrite BMP files ? Too many waypoints (max=1024) coverage Overwrite BMP files ? with combined combined coverage Area covered is square km Combined cartesian coverage on CoverageData.txt Text file (TXT) Save coverage data combined (Saving data to file) Range Mobile unit Fixed unit Not selected Latitude Longitude Rx(dB) Best unit (Loading data from file) signal plot Fresnel coverage Units Networks

rmModule5.bas Area too large to draw a grid Grid extends to an adjacent zone UTM Grid North Azimuth = UTM grid

rmModule6.bas Failed to initialize WinSock 2! Ready to receive... Resolving Error! Cannot access group, unicast in use. UDP Rx Multicast Trying to connect Listening to Packet node Not able to connect to Packet node Packet link error to Via ??lat/lon?? APRS GPS connexion error

rmModule7.bas Start log

rmModule8.bas normal slow paused

rmModule9.bas Get from internet... Unabled to get Map picture Please verify your internet connexion No site defined in Internet options ENG Version Actual version is up-to-date New version is available. Get new version ? Unable to check version! Failed connecting to internet Tile of Land Cover Water Evergreen Needleleaf Forest Evergreen Broadleaf Forest Deciduous Needleleaf Forest Deciduous Broadleaf Forest Mixed Forest Woodland Wooded Grassland Closed Shrubland Open Shrubland Grassland Cropland Bare Ground Urban and Built-up

rmw.vbp rmweng.hlp rmweng.exe

rmpath1.bas Error in file! Alt Ant K= Free space km

rmpath1.frm &File &Load &Exit &Edit &Copy &Swap &Options &Fresnel zones &Clearance &Earth curvature &Ground &Beam &Vertical scale &Automatic &Horizontal scale &Automatic &1 km &5 km &10km &Colors &Earth &Ground &Sky &Labels &System &Propagation Land cover &Help &About Exit program... Are you sure ? Formatted text file (TXT) Open a radio path Version

rmpath.vbp rmpatheng.exe


rmUpdate.frm Radio Mobile Update Cancel Next > < Previous Please close all instances of Radio Mobile application on this machine or connected through a LAN! Use or s S elect a site below for your update: Update succeeded! Version Unzip DLL missing or incomplete download! Failed connecting to internet... Finish eng

rmUpdate.vbp rmUpdateeng_.exe