The simplest way to install man-pages-uk is, as always,

       $ make install

This will install manpages to /usr/local/share/man/$LANG/man[1-8]/. If there are old versions of manpages (possibly compressed), make install_ will remove them first. If size of new manpage is greater_ than 4096 bytes,make install will compress it with gzip.

The installation process is customizable:

       $ make install INSTALLPATH=/usr/man

will install manpages to /usr/man/$LANG/man[1-8]/.

       $ make install INSTALLPATH=/usr/man LANG_SUBDIR=uk

will install manpages to /usr/man/uk/man[1-8]/.

       $ make install COMPRESS=bzip2

will compress manpages with bzip2. Known compressors are none' (do not compress),gzip', compress' andbzip2'. Compressor options could be specified with COMPRESS_OPTIONS.

       $make install COMPRESS_SIZE=0

will compress every manpage however small it is.

After setup change environment variable: $MANPATH export MANPATH=/usr/share/man/uk:$MANPATH